About us

A lot of people may ask: What does "VAQUER" even mean and what does it stand for?

Well the answer is pretty simple: Vaquer (french for "being about it, going after it") represents the dream of 2 childhood friends who want to achieve something long lasting. VAQUER can be used and interpreted in a lot of different ways, but for us it meant: Strive! Strive for something you want and do something you love. Don't be afraid to fail or else the regret will haunt you for the rest of your life. Do it while you're still young, while you're still hungry and motivated!

We wanted to create more than just a clothing brand. We want to create a Movement, something we can look back at and be proud about. Not proud about the Sales or how much income we generated. No, proud about the influence we created amongst young people. Proud about who represents us and our brand.

With Vaquer we want to shake up the Streetwear Scene. How many brands look the same? How many do the same style over and over again? We want to change that. We strive to be creative, innovative and most importantly fearless. We want people to wear our clothes and stick out. We want YOU to be able to identify with what we stand for!

The future is a consequence of everything that is happening and will happen in the present - that's why it is essential to us that our products are not only high quality, but also 100% sustainable: All our t-shirts and hoodies are made entirely of certified organic cotton.

Both of us thank you for being part of our journey. We thank you for putting your trust into us and in believing in our brand. We will keep working hard and keep on striving to provide the ultimate streetwear attire for you! 

Let's shake up the Streetwear Scene together.

We are reachable anytime at service@vaquerclothing.com for all sorts of questions.

All Love

Mike & Paolo